A Passion for Snooker and Excellent Pub Food in Llanelli

The Terry Griffiths Matchroom was founded in 1987 by former World Professional Snooker champion, Terry Griffiths. Even though he does not run the hall anymore, he can still be found teaching patrons his favourite game.

Why not stop by to play a game of snooker or enjoy our tasty pub meals?


Whether you're coming for having breakfast, lunch or dinner: Terry Griffiths Matchroom offer a great menu that will surely meet your needs. We specialise in meat dishes, serving anything from bacon rolls and sausages to delicious hamburgers and hot dogs. Have a look at our menu below!

On Sundays we prepare dinners and deliver them right to your doorstep. Find out more about our home-cooked Sunday dinners here.

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Food Menu

Filled rolls

Ham £2.20

Ham + Cheese £2.50

Ham Salad £2.50

Cheese £2.20

Cheese and onion £2.50

Beef £2.50

Beef and onion/salad £2.70

Turkey £2.50

Turkey Salad/stuffing £2.70

Plain Roll 50p

Hot rolls

Sausage £2.50

Bacon £2.50

Sausage and bacon £2.80

Sausage and egg £2.80

Bacon and egg £2.80

Sausage, bacon and egg £3.00


Regular (6 Items)

Bacon, sausage, egg, hash brown, beans, toast £4.00


2 bacon, 2 sausage, egg, black budding, hash browns, mushrooms, beans, toast £6.00


Plain burger ¼lb £2.80

Cheeseburger ¼lb £3.00

Double cheeseburger ½lb £4.00

Bacon cheeseburger £3.50

Bacon double cheeseburger £4.50

Texas burger (bacon, cheese, onion rings, BBQ sauce) £4.50

Chicken burger £3.00

Chicken salad burger £1.00

(Ask for fried onions)

Hot Dogs

Jumbo hotdog (12 inches) £3.00

Jumbo cheese dog (12 inches) £3.40

Chips £2.50

Chips and beans £3.50

Chips and cheese £3.70

Chips and lasagne £5.50

Chips and chicken tikka £5.50

Chips and ham £4.50

Chips and southern fried chicken (x4) £5.00 (x6) £6.00

Sweet potato fries £3.50

Chips and gravy £3.50

Chips beans sausages £4.70

Chips and cottage pie £5.50

Rice and chicken tikka £5.50

Chips and chicken nuggets (x6) £4.70

Chips and scampi (x8) £6.00

Non-Alcoholic Drinks Menu

Hot Drinks

Tea £1.00

Coffee £1.00

Milky Coffee £1.30

Hot Chocolate £1.30

Soft Drinks

Cans – all £1.00


Diet Coke


Sprite Zero

Fanta Orange

Fanta Fruit Twist

Dr Pepper

Dandelion and Burdock


Apple Tango

Cherry Coke


Funtime milkshakes

Banana £1.25

Strawberry £1.25

Energy Drinks

Lucozade £1.20

Red Bull £1.50

Alcoholic Drinks Menu


Fosters £2.60

Carling £2.60

John Smiths £2.60

Guinness £3.00

Newcastle £3.00

Desperados £3.00

WKD £2.70

Smirnoff Ice £2.70

*Any four cans for £10.00


Bulmers Original £3.40

Pear £3.40

Berries and Lime £3.40

Old Mout Summer Berries £3.20

Kiwi and Lime £3.20

Pomegranate and Strawberry £3.20

**Any four for £12.00

SNACKS – ALL £1.00


Scampi fries

Bacon fries

Salted nuts

Roasted nuts

Pork scratchings

KitKat (four finger)




Dairy Milk




Wine Gums